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YO! YAC - Youth Advisory Council
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Youth receive first-hand experience working in an office setting and often work on youth-driven advocacy campaigns, such as the Disability History Week Campaign and Taking Action for Accommodations. The YO! Volunteer Corps create connections for youth with adults with disabilities, as well as other youth volunteers. YO! Volunteer Corps members earn a stipend every month.

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My name is Sara and I was born in New York. For the early part of my life, I was raised in Virginia and moved to California seventeen years ago. I graduated from San Francisco State three years ago with a Bachelors in Sociology. Although I have been working since graduating, I have always had a passion for Disability Advocacy. I am looking forward to getting involved with social justice campaigns which will impact the lives of youth with disabilities.

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Youth Advisory Council (YO! YAC) Sara Silicon Valley Independent Living Center – San Jose, CA

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