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  • Youth Achieving CareerACCESS

    August 6, 2015 • 3pm - 4:30pm (PST)

    The National Council on Independent Living, World Institute on Disability and Policyworks invite you to join us for a discussion on advocating for a better Supplemental Security Income, (SSI) for working people with disabilities.

    If you are someone with a disability who uses benefits like SSI or Medi-Cal, and you want to have a job, it can be hard and stressful because of the complicated rules and lack of help available to understand it all. Without the right support you could lose your benefit or health care. The way the system is setup doesn’t make sense. It limits us from reaching our career goals. CareerAccess is here to help. Join our webinar and discuss with us the issues and solutions. Together we can work to make the system more meaningful for all of us who want to go to work and earn money.

    Moderator: Emily Ladau: CareerACCESS/abilicorp intern
    Panelist: Justin Harford
    Panelist: Andy Arias
    Panelist: Kristin Ansel or TBD

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